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Witchcraft, A Glossary

A "vocabulary" - of sorts - Burkittsville style.

A website depicting a town, such as Burkittsville, that was thrust into the national (and international) spotlight because of a movie, should contain some references to that movie; in this case, The Blair Witch Project. Witchcraft is an enormously popular topic among hundreds of thousands of people in the United States, and perhaps millions of people worldwide. So we decided to include this brief glossary of witch, wicca, pagan, witchcraft and etc. terms - to help our readers understand some of what they may see - elsewhere. Hmmmmm...

Adept - An individual that has studied, and has become skilled in magic.

Altar - A raised structure used during rituals and to cast spells. This is also where tools are kept and offering are made.

Amulet - A charm, usually worn around the neck, to provide luck or to ward off evil.

Apparition - A ghostly figure.

Astral Projection - When the conscious mind leaves the physical body and moves into the astral body.

Astrology - The study of celestial bodies and how they affect humanity.

Athame - a personal knife, usually made of steel that is double bladed with a black handle. The double edge symbolizes that power works both ways. Light and Dark. The handle is black because black absorbs power. This knife it not used for cutting, it is used only to direct power.

Balefire - A large outdoor fire, traditionally burned on Yule, Beltane, and Midsummer.

Beltane - Feast celebrating the symbolic union of the God and Goddess.

Besom - A Broom made from a bundle of twigs. This is a symbol of water.

Black Magic - The practice of magic for evil purposes.

Book of Shadows - A handwritten book of rituals, spells, and magical lore.

Burning Times - A time during the middle ages when large numbers of people were executed for supposedly practicing witchcraft.

Cauldron - A large iron vessel used for boiling. It is a tool for transformation, and when filled with water, scrying.

Cense - To purify with incense

Chalice - A goblet which represents water, or wine.

Clairaudience - A psychic ability in which individuals can hear sounds and voices not heard by others.

Clairvoyance - A psychic ability to see objects, persons, places, and events that should normally not be perceived by the senses.

Conjuring - Calling preternatural forces using ceremonial black magic.

Coven - An assembly of 13 witches.

Covenstead - Home of a coven

Curse - Using preternatural forces to cause harm.

Demon - An evil supernatural being.

Doppelganger - A ghostly twin.

Earthbound - A spirit that is confined to the earthly realm.

Elemental - A spirit that is bound to nature through earth, wind, water, and fire.

Entity - Any spiritual being that exists outside the body.

Esbat - A Wiccan/Pagan ritual that usually takes place during the full moon.

Evocation - Summoning spirits or other non-physical entities to appear by using the power to memory and imagination.

Exorcism - The removal of a spirit by using a religious ceremony.

Exorcist - The one who conducts the exorcism.

Familiar - A spirit who takes the form of an animal and takes companionship with a witch.

Garrote - A form of execution that was once performed in Spain. An iron collar is placed around the neck and is tightened until the neck is broken.

Ghost - Spirit of the dead.

Grimoire - A black magic manual used for invoking demonic spirits.

Grounding - Shutting down psychic awareness and reorienting the conscious mind to the material world.

Human Sacrifice - Ceremonial killing of a human being as an offering when using black magic.

Hydromancy - The divination by water or other liquid. Visions can be seen by observing the ebb and flow of tides.

Incarnate - Being of physical body.

Incubus - An evil spirit that is said to attack persons in the night when they are asleep.

Levitation - The raising up of a body or object without the use of physical means.

Magic - The use of charms, spells, or rituals to produce supernatural effects.

Magick - Movement of natural energy to create change.

Medium - A person with the ability to make contact with spirits on the astral plane.

Natural Magick - Using personal power with the earth's power to cause a positive change.

Necromancy - The practice of communicating with the dead to predict future events. Black Magic.

Necronomicon - The Book of the Dead.

Occult - Of, or relating to supernatural influences and phenomena.

Oneiroscopy - The interpretation of dreams.

Poltergeist - German for "noisy ghost" associated with movement of objects and other mischievous acts.

Possession - When a living person is dominated and controlled by evil entities.

Premonition - a vision of the future or future events.

Preternatural - Beyond or different from what is natural, or according to the regular course of things, but not clearly supernatural or miraculous.

Pentacle - Five pointed star having magical and mystical significance.

Psychic - One that has the ability to see, hear, feel or sense more than the average human

Psychic Awareness - When information from the psychic mind is available to the conscious mind.

Psychic Mind - The unconscious mind where we receive psychic impulses.

Psychokenesis - The movement of objects without the use of physical means. Mind power

Pyromancy - Divination by fire.

Reincarnation - Rebirth of a soul into a new body.

Relic - An item cherished for its age and historic interest.

Ritual - A Ceremony used to produce specific results through movement and manipulation of objects and inner processes.

Sea Witch - A witch who's interests lie in controlling the seas.

Shaman - A member of a tribal society that is a medium between the visible and invisible world that also practices magic for purpose of good.

Sorcerer - A male that has made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers.

Sorceress - A female that has made a pact with the devil in exchange for magical powers.

Sorcery - The practice of black magic.

Scrying - A method used to still the conscious mind and contact the psychic mind to create psychic awareness. This is done by gazing at an object such as water, or flames.

Specter - A ghost

Spell - Magical ritual using a spoken chant.

Succubus - A demon in the form of a female that attacks men in their sleep.

Supernatural - Relating to things that exist outside of the natural world.

Talisman - An object that is marked with magical signs, and gives the individual that has it supernatural powers or protection.

Telekinesis - The movement of objects by using occult powers.

Telepathy - Communicating without the use of senses.

Visualization - The process of forming mental images to direct personal power and other energies during magic.

Warlock - A male witch

Werewolf - a person that undergoes a transformation to become a wolf like creature.

White Witch - A witch who practices magic for the purpose of good, and nothing else.

Wicca - An ancient witchcraft religion. Followers worship nature through reverence of the god and goddess.

Witch - A woman that practices witchcraft.

Witchcraft - Practicing acts with the aid of spirits. Magic.

Zombie - An animated corpse with supernatural powers.

***If you have additional terms you would like to add, send information to "StickMan at Burkittsville.com" - Thank You.


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