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A Walking Tour of Burkittsville?

"Downtown" Burkittsville appears to run along [only] a few blocks, in a west to east direction, along Main Street. There are no stores, gas stations, nor any restaurants or fast food joints. Yet the town exhudes a certain charm that makes one tend to linger for a couple of hours. Many parts, if not most, of the town are photogenic. The cemetery, alone, should be good for a roll of film -or- a good size memory card. (Eventually, we'll have our Burkittsville pictures sorted out and placed next to the descriptions below. For now, however, you will have to try to match up the photographs in our Picture Pages. Anyone for a game of "Concentration?") Hmmmmm...

David Arnold House and Farm
108 W. Main Street
The David Arnold House is a perfect example of the original architecture of the post Revolutionary and pre-Civil War Era. Surrounded by 200 year old white oak trees, a stone springhouse, and stone fences, this property will take you back in time. General T.H. Brooks led his Vermont Brigade between the Arnold barn, and the mountain to screen themselves when marching into battle.

Resurrection Reformed Church
3 W. Main St.
The Resurrection Reform Church was erected in 1829. The incredible architecture of this church offers a culmination of styles, such as Gothic, Italianate, Classic Revival, and Victorian. Wounded Union soldiers were treated here, as it served as hospital D during wartime.

German Reformed Parsonage (site)
between 3 and 5 E. Main St.
What is now the site of a parking lot, this lot once was home to a three-story building that server as Hospital C which treated overflow patients from the Reformed Church.

St. Paul Lutheran Church
5 E. Main St.
St. Paul Lutheran was built in 1859. It has a 60 foot steeple, and seems to be taking flight above the treetops as you enter Burkittsville. Record shows that President Lincoln paid a visit soldiers that were being treated here when it was known as Hospital B.

Union Cemetery
3-5 E. Main St. (rear)
The land for this cemetery was donated by Henry Burkitt in 1831. Col. Winfield S. Hancock's First Brigade, Second Division, watched the battle from this point. Confederates that did not survive treatments at the field hospitals were buried here temporarily.

Dr. John E. Garrott House
101 E. Main St.
When wounded soldiers went left untreated at the church next door from the Garrott house, Surgeon George Stevens, along with Dr. Garrott worked through the night to stabilize them. The good doctor also offered his home and office as shelter to many wounded.

Dr. Tilghman Biser House
102 E. Main St.
Though Dr. Biser may not have assisted army surgeons during the Battle of Crampton's Gap, he was preparing his nephew, Lewis Lamar for Medical school. Lewis was a relative to two of the Confederate officers that were killed during the battle.

Dr. John D. Garrott House (Original Henry Burkitt Home)
103 Main St.
Once home to Burkittsville's namesake, Dr. John D. Garrott, father of Dr. John E. Garrott owned this property which sits on the north side of town. The Garrott farm was a main route for northern soldiers heading on to Crampton's Gap.

Otho F. Harley House
5533 Gapland Rd.
This beautiful Victorian home was erected in 1849. Once home to the grandson of Joshua Harley, founder of Burkittsville, this property is key for marking the commencement of the Battle of Crampton's Gap. The 96th Pennsylvania positioned themselves across from the house while troops crossed the Harley front lawn to get to the north end of town.

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