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Witches in Burkittsville?

We're glad you stopped by. Of course, we "knew" you were going to. Witchcraft or hype? Burkittsville became (in)famous at the end of the last millenium when, in 1999, it was thrust into the spotlight as the setting for a documentary horror film, The Blair Witch Project. Since then the term "Burkittsville" has become synonymous with all things "witch" and similar "out of the ordinary" items of interest.
Please understand, while the town of Burkittsville is real, the movie is just that, a movie. Blair Witch fans may not want to hear this but The legend is a fake. True, there is a dark, dense woods to the west of town, but most people are convinced there is no Stick Manchild-stealing witch inhabiting those woods. Burkittsville is a small, sleepy, historic village nestled between two Civil War battlefields in central Maryland. Yet Burkittsville is visited annually by thousands of movie and witchcraft fans - just wanting to "see" for themselves. It is a pretty town (pictures), it is an historic town, but it is not a haunted town. Hmmmmm...what about all of those spirits from the nearby battlefields?
Today, however, Burkittsville.com has become popular for costumes. People now come here for a great selection of Witch (and other) Costumes. Costumes are not only for Halloween; costumes and accessories are seen all year around.

Welcome to the historic village of Burkittsville.Brief History of Burkittsville - Nestled among the quaint small towns and rolling hills of Frederick County is the village of Burkittsville, Maryland. Named after an early settler... [MORE]

Burkittsville Walking Tour - "Downtown" Burkittsville appears to run along [only] a few blocks, in a west to east direction, along Main Street... [MORE]

Brief Commentary on the 5 Witches Travel - a commentary by an avid fan on Halloween on where to go (around the world) to see witches...[MORE]

Burkittsville Area Directory - Burkittsville itself has no places to eat, shop or fill up the car. So, we have accumulated a representative sampling of sightseeing, dining, accommodations and other points of interest within about a half-hour drive of the town. (Listings have been gathered from a variety of sources, are provided as a convenience to our readers and do not represent an endorsement by Burkittsville.com.)

Burkittsville, MD 21718
Population approx: 194 (74 families)
Time Zone: Eastern Standard
Named after Henry Burkitt - settler
Civil War Battle - Crampton's Gap - 1862
Frederick County
65 Miles to Baltimore, 70 to Annapolis
50 Miles to Washington DC
Location: 39.39136 N, 77.62739 W
Blackbird in the Burkittsville treesWitchcraft in Burkittsville - Witchcraft Anywhere? - The Blair Witch Project and Blair Witch 2 - The Book of Shadows. Which Witch? Be sure to visit the Burkittsville.com Blair Witch Project Links Page. And don't miss the Witches and Paranormal Links Page.

Witchcraft Glossary - Ever wonder what is being "said" in a narrative about witches. Like a vocabulary list in school, this glossary of witchcraft terms may help. [MORE]

Burkittsville Memorabilia? - Been there! And I've got the shirt to prove it! [MORE]


Monday, July 25, 2016

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